Squeak 4th of 7 *Boy*


My name is Squeak, Scorpio. Once you hear my voice you will totally understand. I guess I’m still going through puberty because I have just not mastered my meow. But it’s a unique quality that makes me stand out amongst my sisters and brothers. When I yell everything stops! All eyes on me, look and pay attention to my cuteness. Feeding time, I’m the first to the dish and will not turn down 2nd portions. Hey, I’m a growing Cub. After it’s time for hands-on loving and grooming. My mom usually handles that but since she’s so busy maybe you can take that responsibility? I love to be brushed and cuddled. Oh and for sleep time I’m hogging the area! You will never have a boring moment with me. So when are you coming to meet me?
4 picture attached & labeled.

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