Princess 2nd of 7 *Girl*


I’m Princess, Scorpio. I was born the 2nd of 7 siblings. I received my name because I carry myself as such…” Royalty”. Also, I have a distinct marking on my head, my crown. I was the first to ween from mommies milk, but I would only eat from my silver spoon, no plastic. Yes, I am a brat…Royalty. I take my time when eating, savoring every morsel. Then after mom & my siblings royal bathing, I grant you cuddle time for my royal nap. I love to climb, play with my personal ball (which I’m training to be a magician with) and watch TV. I’m not an hisser or scratcher, it’s so beneath me. Maybe you can become my Royal family. So you have been summoned to make my Royal Cuteness acquaintance. Hope to see you soon.

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