We are not scammers or backyard breeders. PLEASE READ OUR “HAPPY PARENT REVIEWS” prior to inquiring about our services and inventory.

If you’re looking to sacrifice the quality of your Bengal to suffice a bargain basement deal pertaining to price, please don’t read any further, or take interest in what our social media and websites platforms provide. Here at Bougie Bengals, we devote a lot of hard work, in addition to sacrificing a lot of time and care in regards to our craft of kitten development. We are not just looking to sell a cat, we are searching for the perfect home and parents for our special fur babies. At Bougie Bengal Kittens Inc we reserve the right to be selective in choosing the perfect bonding environment for both the kitten as well as YOU the parents. At the end of the process, our bottom line price is non-negotiable once it’s determined based on the Quality of your new bundle of fur.

Our current kitten pricing listing starts at $1700 which is based on coat, pattern, and sex. (Based on your own breeding options. Our kittens are sold intact, not neutered or spayed.)

Links for industry wide pricing standards in regards to reputable breeders like our establishment:

Acquisition development process:

  • Notify us of your interest parameters: Sex, Coat Pattern & # of kittens interested in purchasing
  • We provide our homing window date based on inventory
  • Experience with parenting cats especially Bengals
  • Family size & other types of pets in home if applicable (we have homed to environments with other cats, birds, dogs even reptiles successfully)
  • Location – *We do not deliver or ship* In-person pick up and completion of sale paperwork, receipt & payment only.
  • Payment methods: Cash, American Express, Master Card & Visa accepted Through Bank of America Merchant Vendor. Zelle, PayPal & Cashapp. No Personal Checks or Money Orders
  • Deposits are only accepted after 1rst veterinarian visit/Vaccination, establishing clean bill of health status if applicable.
  • All Kitten come intact for your own personal decision to spay/neuter or breed yourself because of their high pedigree line.
  • The personal Chip implant is also done at your own discretion.
  • Growth and fun pictures/videos sent to you during the process. Live Video visits when convenient.
  • 1rst in-person visit and bonding after Completion of 1rst vet visit. (8weeks)
  • Bengal takes home after 2nd and final Kitten vaccination and exam. (12weeks) Certifying their examination and given a clean bill of health by a licensed veterinarian with no further visits until the following calendar year for booster shots.

Pricing Factors:

  • $1700-$3000 Respectfully Base price starts at $1700 non-negotiable, Final price determined after 1rst vet exam completion.
  • We choose our price on each individual kitten differently based on our standards: the quality of their appearance, SBT generation pedigree *F5, quality, age, and temperament. Unique coat/pattern: This includes Brown, Silver, Snow, Charcoal, and Melanistic. There are also a variety of patterns including spotted, different types of rosettes and marbling. Different coats and colors may be “trending,” which could lead to a higher demand and a higher cost. Especially colors which are rare and demand for such a kitten in our region.
  • You can always travel to other states or go to overpriced pet stores and acquire a timid, skittish antisocial Bengal with no F pedigree status.
  • Personal kitten take-home package to help their new surrounding transition. Includes Carrying Cage, favorite personal individual toys, litter box,
    starter litter, starter dry food and wet food, feeding dish. *Based on supplies
  • Health records booklet with receipts.
  • Collar with Vaccination medallion & Bell.
  • TICA breeders slip for personal registration and name change with TICA. This also allows up to 5 generations of pedigree history. Basically, your Bengals Ancestry validating certifying pedigree F5.
  • Business endorsed sale receipt with the contract.
  • 24hr support and advice from your breeder.
    **We are a hand breed breeder, we develop loving family members. Bengals are normally not lapped cats. Remember they are just 4-5 generations from their wild ancestors. Our personal level of breeder care & Training. No hiss, aggressive attacking or scratching behavior, personal tricks, leash walking ability, etc.