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Bengal cats are some of the most beautiful, exotic-looking, intelligent and playful breeds out there. As such, they deserve special treatment – lots of playtime, cuddles, and, of course, good food. Although Bengals, like all cats, thrive on protein-rich, good-quality cat food, they have their unique needs and preferences and it’s wise to stick close to them to ensure your cat is being properly nourished. If you want only the best for your Bengal in terms of there diet, you should focus on protein-rich, filler-free, “nutritionally complete” cat foods that are packed with high quality protein and healthy fats. Rest-assured, this does not mean you need to buy the most expensive or popular brands – just read the labels same as you would for your own family’s nutrition.

Solid food can be introduced from around three to four weeks of age. Special kitten wet and dry food is always recommended as these have been specifically designed to meet the special nutritional demands of a young growing kitten. We feed our kittens the following brands:

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